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Udderly Delicious Cheese...

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What is a moohug?


Imagine opening the door...a pretty little box staring up at you...you smile knowing there's something special waiting.

Each moohug will contain three cheeses...each will normally be 8oz, but depending on what surprise dairy products we find, they may be larger or smaller.

Date night, a gift for someone special or maybe it's time to do something for yourself...moohug will deliver.


Moohug delivers a combination of artisan, organic, single source cheeses & spreads from family run farms and dairies. Even our wafers are fresh! We look at every step of the cheese making process to ensure the highest quality ingredients are used. Most of all, we want to expand people’s palates and introduce them to the finest cheeses from around the world.


Share the love this holiday season

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Share a hug

You may want to rethink that fruit cake, macaroni salad, or cherry jello with pretzels inside as your potluck item this year. You're friends and family have been taking bets on what devious food you'll subject them too...Have no fear moohug is here. Simply let us choose the finest cheeses...this way you'll be the one that pleases.


Where's Kevin

Kevin is our "Where's Waldo". He may be driving through Sonoma checking out a dairy or stopping in Napa to pair it with the perfect wine...Wherever you spot a new and interesting cheese, he'll be there. 

Kevin has a lifetime of finding the best cheeses, spreads and other delicacies. He decided to share that experience and hopefully meet some new friends in the process...Hence moohug was born.

"I hope people find the journey of trying all types of cheeses as enjoyable as myself...There's no other food that has so many different flavors and textures".