White vs Red...Which wine will go best with my cheese?

There's nothing better than a big bold red with cheese, but did you know you can pair white with just about any cheese? 

Here's a basic idea of how you can pair up your cheese and wine. We'll get into more specifics when you get your first moohug....Enjoy!

  • RIND CHEESES - I recommend a red or dry champagne.  Rind cheeses are complemented most by a fruity and less heavy red. Dry champagne offers lighter pairing.

  • MEDIUM TO HARD CHEESE - Go with a white or fruity red wine.  White, non aged, medium to hard cheeses are a great choice.

  • GOAT CHEESES - Dry reds pair nicely with those unique goat cheeses.

  • CREAMY CHEESES - I recommend a full bodied red, such as an old vine Zin.

  • CHEDDAR CHEESES - There's nothing like a sweet wine to match with cheddar cheese.

This is just a basic guide and hope you try them all.

Best, Kevin

John Vukovojac